It's crazy. The knowledge that he tended to give me every time I got the chance to be around him, especially at a young age, carrying over to the league, it was definitely an honour. I tried to listen as much as possible, soak in as much as I could all of the time. It's crazy how much time flies.

I've tried to emulate and learn so much from him ever since I was a kid, watching every single game growing up in Los Angeles, having a chance to get with him and learn from him, from conversations even when I was in high school from playing against him, competing against him, being in big games with him.

It's definitely a sad, sad day but he's been in the game a long time. It don't matter. That man has five rings, 17 all-stars, MVP. There's nothing he hasn't done. It's just Father Time catching up with him, injuries catching up with him this past year. People will appreciate it when he's away from the game.

Especially playing at a high level, doing the things he was doing ... people don't understand how hard that is. Even now, a lot of us find ourselves tired (on) back-to-backs. It's tough. It's really tough. To do it 20 years at a high level, you have to give that man every credit in the world.

DeMar DeRozan DeMar DeRozan
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